Company introduction

TTG is a leading global provider of intelligent solution and services, has more than 20 years of experience in China, it is committed to provide the top solutions for homes, hotels and public buildings for customers to help them improve product competitiveness, service quality, and reduce energy costs. TTG has builds five distribution centers, one R&D center , one production center, 10 offices and more than 20 authorized dealers around the world.

Worldclass intelligent control system

With the world's leading technology and solutions , TTG participated in Shenzhen KingKey100 financial center building, The St. Regis hotel Shenzhen, One Shenzhen Bay, Wuhan Reign Hotel , Shenzhen Universidad venues, Shenzhen software base area, Sanya Minsheng Westin Club construction / villas and other top luxury intelligent project, all of them was a huge success , to change the traditional intelligent control of the customer's view , become more intelligent application standards for the top home and hotel solution.

Simple, luxury and professional custom

TTG is committed to high-end design and development of intelligent panel, with complex processing craft, powerful features and easy controls, let us became a leader in the field, and catch object for others, TTG Smart panel now as the leader, with its luxurious appearance and rich applications and its highly recognized by customers.

Implementation of intelligent leader

TTG has successfully designed, installed nearly a thousand units of intelligent building control system, we providing a comprehensive, practical and efficient high-quality solutions, a unique global expertise, and we have our markets and projects local experience, all of these are our TTG’s strong support to provide quality services for our customers.